It's not just KPIs but becoming a KPI which is most important for Exceptional Career Growth

Why becoming a Key Person of Influence is more important for Exceptional Career Growth?

Are you just focused on ticking the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your Career Growth?

Here is a thing, consider a situation where there are 10 people who are aspiring to get access to a wonderful opportunity which will lift their career in the coming appraisal cycle.

And if all of them could perform well and could fully satisfy their KPIs like-

✅ They completed all the given projects successfully,

✅ They were able to complete their sales target,

✅ They could sign the new contracts for that years,

Do you think all the 10 people will get promotion or will have access to that wonderful opportunity which will lift their entire career?

The answer is No.

It is not the matter of just Key Performance Indicators but there is something else which is required to get access to such one-time opportunities in your organization or your industry.

Hard work, skillset and mindset are not enough for exceptional career growth.

There are many people who work hard.

Almost everybody has the necessary skillsets, that’s why they are in their jobs and can fulfill the KPIs.

Growth Mindset is extremely important but what’s the use if nobody notices how your Growth mindset is affecting your organization or industry positively.

So, if you really want to stand out in the crowd, you should aim be to become the “Key Person of Influence (KPI)” in your organization or industry.

If you are still wondering, how exactly “Key Persons of Influence” look like then here are some ways to identify them -

✔ People take their names in conversations for right reasons.

✔ People feel fortunate to consult them and seek for their mentorship.

✔ They are role models in the organization/industry.

✔ They are Go-Givers and not Go-getters.

✔ People want to include them in the projects because they know they can make the projects successful.

✔ They think creatively and strategically.

✔ They don’t have to seek the opportunities but they attract lot of opportunities towards them and they also create opportunities for others selflessly.

✔They make difference and create impact in the surrounding by their contribution.

✔ They get higher salaries and positions without much negotiation.

✔ They have clarity what they want in professional life and what matters to them most in their life.

✔ Their energy levels are always high and contagious.

 You must be thinking, “Wow! what if I can become such person? Is it possible for me to become KPI?”

Yes, it is possible for everyone irrespective of their job roles and skillsets to become KPI provided they are ready to walk on the path relentlessly without giving up.

KPI is not a personality trait which comes to you by birth but you need to build your “KPI version”.

You need to have Growth mindset and Clarity before walking on this path.

You should have a strategic plan to achieve your goals. You should be ready to work out for your career fitness – physical, emotional and financial fitness.

You should become a High Performer by practicing productivity habits.

You should be ready to research a lot so that you will always be one step ahead compared to other people.

You should be able to identify the skillsets you are lacking to become KPI and should have a systematic plan to develope those skills.

Most important thing is you should have courage to walk on least travelled path.

If you are interested to know more about the roadmap of how to become KPI, please feel free to DM me on LinkedIn.