Discovering your uniqueness will lead you towards success and happiness!

Success is not about chasing shiny toys,not about copying other success stories,But it is all about discovering your uniquenessAnd living the life with your own script!

Have you ever heard of the Ugly Duckling Story?

There was a duckling who was very different from his brothers and sisters. Everybody used to hate him and mock at him because he was quite bigger and very different from all of them. Ugly duckling used to feel very sad. He used to feel alone and abandoned. “Why I am so different? I must find out this.” said the ugly duckling and he decided to leave his family and moved to the other lake which was very far. One day he was amazed when he saw a flock of beautiful swans swimming gracefully in the lake. And he realized that his reflection in the water is matching with the swans. He approached the swans and surprisingly they treated him really well. They told him that he was not a duckling but a “swan”. They told him that he is more beautiful than a duck. They also told him that he could swim faster than the ducks. And the ugly duckling who was actually a swan experienced paradigm shift. He was very happy to discover his own identity, potential and strength. He felt empowered. He lived his rest of the life happily with the other swans.

 Does this resemble to our life? Yes, certainly do.

Have you ever given a thought what is so unique about you which differentiates you from others?

What are those skills which flows naturally to you and gives you feeling of “Being yourself” which ultimately results in happiness and contentment?

Imagine for a moment if the ugly duckling had continued to stay with his so-called family, had he been able to recognize his own identity? No, he would have spent his entire life thinking that he is an ugly duck and feeling sad about it. But he took the first step towards self-discovery.

We often try to be the person who we actually are not. We always compare ourself with other people feeling sad that we are not up to the mark. We copy other persons for success. We live our life by the scripts given by other people. And what happens, we start believing that we are average in the crowd. But that’s not the truth. We haven’t taken efforts to find out who we truly are and what is our unique abilities, how can we conclude that we are average and not deserve great success?

So, the first step towards success is self-discovery. Find out your unique abilities. Experience the paradigm shift. And then start your journey towards success! Rest assured; you will be unstoppable.